Our products come with a story. Handcrafted personally, sourced closely and environmental friendly.

We’ve crafted our quaintest memories into timeless and reusable belongings, made from waste materials

to reduce our ecological footprint.

Where life isn’t always a fairy tale, we like to have things handy without another hassle.

Being a single mum i know things have to be thought through in order to get through.

Living a zero waste life has saved me money and gave me time i value to discover, teach, learn with my daughter Liu Lou, towards a more conscious way of living.

My little family tale, now a multigenerational team working together creating by hand, versatile zero waste products.

At the same time we personify sustainability, Social, human, environmental, to fit the needs of todays time and lifestyle.

Because alone i can reuse but together we can reduce.

Being diverse like human and nature
self organised and sustaining
we are proud of our first in line Product which for us embodies all


unique collections, a plastic free alternative for plastic wrapped paper tissues and cotton pads

handmade by us to aspire towards less waste.





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We believe we can make a 

difference and be it just 

one paper tissue less

at a time.

From small things big things grow.

And from old and used things

we create a flow. 

© 2018 by dadimuqin. patent pending.



Natasha Ng

8706 Meilen

+41 78 793 16 31