Simple switch to reusable face cloth and musslin cloths  in your bathroom and face care routine

and for all the Mums with the kids on the go.


And switch your plastic bag in your suitcase or Sportsbag - keep your fresh undies in the top

and the used ones in the bottom. 


Choose your filling between:

  • face cloths:

Wash your face with a round towel cloth, without the wet corners tangling all around you.


  • medium muslin cloths

Dropped one, or got one full of milk? Forgot the bib? Take the fresh cloth out the top,

pop the used it in the bottom.

Whipe the sweat off your head, neck and cheast, for the sporty one on the go.



  • with fabric and also use as a emergancy shopper for your zerowaste snacks.
  • with net and wash your used filling directly in the pouch.



A multipurpose and sustainable Gift.




Please note that these Images are just examples.


We will do our best to full fill your request and put together a versatile set,

because our handcraft is reliable on what waste materials we get,

we can not guarantee the exact selection.


But we will be happy to surprise you and put together a unique variation, according to your indications as good as we can.


CHF 75.00Price
recycled or new muslin cloth
fabric for pouch body
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    From small things big things grow.

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