your choice of filling


musselin cloths

Sustainable alternative to plastic wrapped paper tissues.


A choice of Cotton muslin cloths, up cycled or

new eco tex certified.

Small, muslins our atishoos:

Perfect for on the go for any spills, runny noses,

dirty fingers, a napkin at the restaurant you name it.

Any chance to replace a single use paper tissue!

Medium, muslins cloths: 

A double size tissue, perfect for dirty little fingers,

or to wipe off a wet slide at the playground.

But also for the big kids and those who are used

to the big Grandpa handkerchiefs with the icky bits in and out the trousers pocket ;-)


make up removal pads

Sustainable alternative to plastic wrapped cotton pads.

We do our best to avoid the synthetics in our up cycling,

only natural materials get reused and in contact with water and your skin.


Small, our ¨eye eye pads¨:

Mainly for the eyes, made from up cycled and or off cut fabric.

One side towel for a more scrubby feel,

on the other side a more soft touch with muslin cloth.

Medium, our ¨face rounds¨:

Made from up cycled or offcuts towel fabric.

To take the day off, facial and make up removal.

Large, our ¨Face cloths¨: 

Made from off cut or up cycled towels.

Who invented a square face cloth in the first place,

isn't a face round'ish ;-)


roundipouch™ set in small, medium, large

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